Thursday, January 7, 2016

Actually, don't Just Listen To Me

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. After a 9-year hold on the super "emo"-sounding domain, a 4-year dearth of posts and an equal number of years' worth of essentially wasted URL registration fees prompted me to finally let go of the past.

But at least before it was all over I got to refresh my HTML skills, tinker with Wordpress widgets, and exercise a little creativity. There was also that one time I got to exchange really fiesty emails with a domain squatter who tried to charge me $3,000 for - after months of emails where we both tried to out-wit and out-annoy each other, I finally got him down to $100, which pretty much proves I missed my calling as a hostage negotiator.

Anyway, hopefully is both more professional-sounding and more likely to be updated on a regular basis. I'll eventually have links to my published work and essays, as well as the standard blog fare of life updates and cat videos (Agatha snores, you're going to love it!).

Still, it feels a little weird, and a little sad - like the first time I put Dog (my favorite stuffed animal as a child) on my desk at night instead of bringing him to bed with me.

Here's to Dog, and here's to JLTM. You'll both live forever, if only in the past.

Goodbye, sweet emo blog. Don't cry though, your eyeliner will run.

1 comment:

Holly said...

I'm glad you don't half ass things. And I'm glad that our friends will have something witty and intelligent from you to read after reading my mindless babble!